Epoxy Primer Coating Application

Epoxy Primer Coating Application

Epoxy primer coating is a product that we can understand that if we examine the paint as a matter, its properties are sticky. Epoxy primer paint is a type of primer and finish coat that can be applied to any area.

Epoxy primer coating; application area is wide. It is important for liquid absorption and soil pollination. This style prevents bad conditions from occurring.

Epoxy Matt appearance. Structure; it is a two component, epoxy based primer with anti-corrosive properties.

Epoxy primer can be applied easily to all metal sheet surfaces.

Especially trucks, buses, minibuses, chassis, trailer trucks and trailers, all kinds of motor vehicles and industrial facilities metal constructions, moisture and corrosion resistance is required to be used in every field is formulated for the purpose.

In general, this product is preferred area is the floor coating area. But this does not mean that epoxy primer hospitals, home, workplace etc. not used or preferred in areas such as.

It is also preferred in these areas, but each area has its own specific hygiene rules as well as the hospital, home and workplace has its own general hygiene rules.

After paying attention to these, the application is completed with all kinds of transactions and products that do not harm health.

The products we use as a company are highly reliable products in terms of Health.

If you would like to have a high quality transaction, please call us and ask for your discovery. The team will be there at any time.

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