Spray Polyurea Application

Spray polyurea
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Brief Information About Spray Polyurea

Spray Polyurea Application; material detail, spray polyurea coating throughout Europe and Turkey is now widespread.

The spray polyurea, which is a waterproofing material, performs high performance by being 100% elastic in addition to the place or against the impact.

One of today’s problems is the water leak problems experienced by buildings without insulation.

Water leakage problems are meant for buildings that are made without insulation.

Concrete structures in which we are located or in which we are working in the concrete structures are quite common.


Now let’s ask ourselves the following question:

Why are such incidents happening to the beginning of the buildings?
-Yes, the answer is simple cracks that occur during or after the construction of the building, or water leaks from the ground or roof.

In short, the kitchen, bathroom, roof areas of our homes are more suitable for water leaks, because there are the simplest places where moisture is formed and the water leaks that occur with evaporated sweating.

There are two solutions: structural and superficial, about spray polyurethane waterproofing.

It covers ways to solve heat problems, such as brewing where it enters the joint. (this method is used against external water leaks. An application to the beginning of the structure and externally applied).

Why Spray polyurea application?

Water is one of the biggest factors that damage buildings or structures.

As a result of deterioration of the structures in the carrier parts of the water and cracks coming to the structures, the strength of the building has decreased.

Rain, snow, soil moisture, underground water on the ground where the building is built, such as the external source, wet volumes are exposed to the internal source water.

For this reason, polyurethane waterproofing material is the next-generation technology.

Spray polyurea application; Polyurea is a fast reactive and moisture-free coating system with high elasticity and tensile strength of 6000 psi(40MPa), an elastic and hard coating system closest to 500% elongation.

At the end of the application, buildings can be prevented even if they are not insulated.

If you exist, we exist.

If you want to make Spray polyurea a high quality place, please call us!

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